Planning a funeral in advance of death is called pre need funeral planning. Pre need funeral plans outline wishes for funeral services and interment. To avoid inflationary funeral costs, prepaid funeral plans are available. Our purpose is to help families plan fitting tributes to loved ones in a peaceful environment, and do so with a great deal of kindness, compassion and attention to detail.

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Funeral Services

Traditional Funeral Casket or Cremation

This service type brings together family and friends of the deceased to pay respects and offer condolences. This can take place with a service at a place of worship or a funeral home, followed by a procession as the deceased is transported to his/her final resting place, concluding with a final graveside ceremony. This can be done either as a religious or non-religious ceremony.
Note: In a traditional cremation funeral a rental casket is used and following the service the remains are cremated and place in a urn and the graveside service will take place the next day.

Memorial Service Cremation

This ceremony is one in which the guests are brought together to honor and remember a deceased person whose body is not present at the service. This can be before the actual funeral or done at a later date after a direct burial or cremation, or when there is no remains of the deceased available.

Graveside Ceremony Casket or Cremation

This type of service is held at graveside or in the mausoleum before the deceased peron is interned. Services are generally smaller in attendance after the memorial of formal service. This ceremony can be similar to the traditional funeral and be done in addition to the funeral or memorial or as a standalone service.

Military Services

Services may be held at a funeral home or place of worship, to be followed by interment into the VA Cemetary with military honors.

Non-Traditional Funeral

Want something different? We can make a service that everybody will enjoy that celebrates the departed ones special personality or desires. We can do a themed celebration or one on the fun side. Just ask we can make it wonderfully special. Each family is different Richard customizes each service to fit the needs of the family. This is makes each funeral a white glove service and one of a kind life celebration. We realize the importance of choosing clergy that will compassionately accommodate your needs. Please contact us for a complimentary phone consultation and let’s find the right words to create a fitting tribute to your loved one.

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