Planning a funeral in advance of death is called pre need funeral planning. Pre need funeral plans outline wishes for funeral services and interment. To avoid inflationary funeral costs, prepaid funeral plans are available. Our purpose is to help families plan fitting tributes to loved ones in a peaceful environment, and do so with a great deal of kindness, compassion and attention to detail.

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Richard and Sharon Stangler are a very special and unique couple who have experienced working together since 1980. They were childhood sweethearts and are now celebrating nearly 40 years of marriage. Richard and Sharon have two children and five grandchildren. Early in life they discovered exciting principles that have served them well. More recently Richard and Sharon's travels have taken them internationally, to countries such as Israel, Africa, Russia, China, and many others. Their life in business serves one on one, group seminars or with large audiences.  They are a team that is meeting people’s needs.